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Sorry folks, There are few things in life that I know better than 3 position competition.

In 3 position (International type) competition there is only one gun, Anschutz. Period, end of story.

Yes, you will see a Winchester 52, a Remington 540X (or 513) and every once in a while a BSA or Walthers, maybe but probably not. But 99.9% use Anschultz. 100% of those that win use Anschultz.

Sorry again, no serious compeditor would sell a Anschutz for a Kimber or CZ. This would be the easiest way that I know of to totally humiliate yourself at a match. There are some low end Anschutz out there but the mod 54 "supermatch" international types rules in 3 position. Folks in this kind of competition sell their Anschutz for a higher price Anschutz.

The Winchester 52 shown in this thread would be good only for prone shooting. 50 years ago they were widely used in NRA 4 position but Anschutz put them out of their misery. The Anschutz open (iron) sites cost more than the Kimbers cost. You can put 3 or 4K or more into an Anschutz and that is just for the gun. As another poster said, there are the accessories that will eat up you wallet faster than a speeding bullet, Spotting scopes, scope stand, jacket, pants, boots, hat, offhand rest, mats, on and on--check out the price of Eley 10 X match ammo, that should be enough to tell you just how much it costs to get into 3 position shooting. If you go to a 3 position match, you will not see one single piece of hardware or accessory that you can buy off the shelf at your local gun store, I am not kidding.

Honestly, I don't think an adult going budget could get into 3 position for under $3K. You will need to invest at least $2500.00 into the gun and sites (intermediate Anschutz model), another $500.00 0r $600.00 into jacket and pants, misc. clothes another $200.00 (glove/hat/boots) $100.00 for a mat, $300.00 for a spotting scope and stand, $100.00 for offhand stand/loading block, a decient cleaning rod costs $30.00 or more, $50.00 for sling and keeper, butt hooks and fore-end stops, glasses, site dioplers, I'M MAKING MYSELF SICK! so I think $3000.00 is optimistic.

Remember one thing, at 10 meters or 50 feet, the 10 "ring" is a dot approx. the size of a period.........

Do you think a Kimber or CZ is going to consistently put a nick in a "ring" that size? The answer is no. The Redfield sites on the above shown Winchester 52 are 4 minute "click" adjustment for elevation or windage. You will need 12 minute click to be compeditive and that means Anschultz.


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