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What have all my tax dollars accomplished in the war on drugs?

Are there less drug dealers today than when the war on drugs started?

Has overseas drug production been wiped out?

There is an economic incentive to sell drugs. As long as that economic incentive is there the drug cartels and dealers have more economic power than some government agencies. The kid on the corner sees the dealer riding in an expensive car with a big wad of cash and everything he wants. Seems like the harder we fight they still make more money.

The war on drugs has even reached into our everyday lives. When I want to go buy some stuff for my runny nose I have to put my info in a book. Look at the havoc the power of confiscation has wrought in some peoples lives not to mention individual rights. Even here in Texas the war on drugs has been a disaster with some task forces cooking up evidence. For some few in the law enforcment community it has simply been a means to increase thier powers. We even had a sherrif arrested years back in a neighboring county running his own meth labs.

If your a boxer going into the ring against the same guy time and he beats you over and over...its probably time to come up with a new strategy.
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