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You're missing my point and avoiding others that I made in my post. I'm for everything as long as it doesn't harm or cost me, or any other innocent people.

You've already answered your Constituional question in your own post, so no need me going there.

So, now you want to take tax dollars that we're blowing on the "war on drugs" and distribute it to victims? Well, that's about as bad as taking tax dollars and helping those who inflict harm upon themselves (such as drug users). Those are MY tax dollars and I don't agree with using them for welfare without MY consent (even though it's already happening). Why not take the property of those who inflicted the damage and give it to those they victimized?

Is this debate about true freedom or simply freedom for someone to use their recreational drug of choice? If it's only about the latter then everyone's missing the point even though they scream "freedom" and use the alcohol analogy.
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