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It's all about personal responsiblity...

I wonder
Drugs or not? Big question.
I ask, would you want to be riding in a plane with the crew stoned out of their gourds?
Would you want to be shooting at the range with everyone else around you high?
Would you want to eat at a establishment where the cooks were stoned?
Would you want to go in for surgery where the surgeon is high?
Would you want to drive if pot was legalized?
If all of a sudden it was legal to do pot,

I think the world as we know it would become a even more dangerous place.
Replace the word "stoned" with the word "drunk" or "tripping". Certainly anyone on any intoxicating substance can be a potential danger regardless of whether it is illegal or not. Would I want my pilot to be high or drunk? Certainly not, and most work places obviously frown upon their employees being intoxicated. Would I want my surgeon to be under the influence while I'm under the influence (of anesthetics)? $^%& NO!! I believe that every person should take personal responsibility for their actions, and not delegate governments to take care of things that they should be managing on their own. That being said, for law enforcement officials to even state that they'd rather lock up a violent criminal instead of a stoner is a rather big statement. I believe that the Netherlands took a more progressive step when they decided to pursue hard drugs such as cocaine, meth, etc. and allowed marijuana to fall under the category of soft drugs such as alcohol and tobacco. Cannabis is a plant that has been used throughout much of human history, and it has only been within the last century or so that it has been villainized as an evil plant. In the end if someone really wants to do something they will do it regardless of law. It all boils down to personal responsibility when people use any sort of substance be it legal or otherwise.


P.S: I am a firm believer that people should be allowed to do as they please in their personal life as long as they are not detrimental to any who are unwilling, and as long as it's not making them detrimental to society in general. So if someone wants to drink away the night away or smoke a blunt, that's up to them, so long as they're not harming others around them why should it matter?
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