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me too

I too can't seem to find any legal bucks when it is legal to take them. I've seen plenty of does, some of them right underneath me, but no legal-to-take bucks.

But there are plenty of reasons why, amoung the top 3 are:

#1 I live and hunt in heavily populated/hunted NE FL. the public lands around here are crowded w/hunters, so the bucks get skitish early.

#2 Life, children, family obligations, yard work, home projects, etc... really seem to be cutting into my hunting time.

#3 Too much other stuff distracting me, I just can't seem to get as motivated as I used to.

The others are correct:
Be as still as possible.
If you must drink use the quieter, screw-cap plastic bottles. Beware, carbonated beverages can make those bottles go "pop" if you are not careful.
Scouting is good, bribery (paying for scouting) is faster.
If you are hunting a path/trail, you do NOT want to set up your stand right on or by the trail, look for a spot off the trail and a way to that spot that does not have you contaminating the buck's path.
America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards. Claire Wolfe
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