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We had a skunk problem, they would get into the trash etc. We learned to use a trash can. We used 55 gallon barrels but any container deep enough will work. Fill it 18 inches to 2 feet with water, float some garbage, make a ramp so they can get into the can. They fall or jump in and drown, and never smell. Worked great for us.
On the pellet gun I use a Sheridan pump, more versatile than some. You can control the FPS with the amount of pumps from weak enough to run the dog off thats craping in your yard without damaging him, to killing small animals. It will do skunks , mine has but man oh man can they stink.

One more thing on the pellet over the quiet 22's. I think the 22's are a little quieter than the pellet gun,, but,,,, if you get caught and find yourself in a court or law enforcment situation it "is only a bb gun" and not a firearm, which just might make a difference.
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