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I'm not a LEO. Was at one time but not anymore. Sorry you didn't appreciate my fully sarcastic remark but I stand by it. As I stated in the article, I really don't care what anyone does as long as it does not harm honest, law abiding citizens. "Harm" includes taking my tax dollars to pay for someone's aftermath of "recreation." There's enough of that happening now.

As long as it's between consenting parties I say we legalize true gladiator fights to the death in public arenas, dueling to settle arguments, and marrying multiple willing wives. If we're going to be a "free" people then lets be free and not just stop it with legalizing drugs. Why not allow private citizens to own nuclear devices? Afterall they're not criminals until they use it to hurt someone, right?

Let's not pick and choose what we want to be free about if that's the real fight. True Freedom means anything goes UNTIL you harm another unwilling participant. So, you want a truly free society?

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