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I would second the question, where are and where do you hunt?

In minnesota there is the Mn deer hunters Assoc and some other local groups that have mentoring programs. See if there is something like that around where you are. You might find someone who can take you under the wing.

Other wise, call your local F&W or DNR or who ever manages hunting in your area. You would be surprised at how helpful these people can be to you. They want hunters to be successful, they go out of their way to be helpful, our local agent has even provided us with free seeds and plants for our feed plots with the idea of seeing if they are hardy in our zone and what the deer and game like... they may teach seminars or know of others running seminars for deer hunting.

Are you hunting from a tree stand? Can you recognise used deer trails? Can you spot plants that deer like? Scrapes and rubs ? There are some books out that will really help, just try your local library first, but remember it is the authors opinion and you may find your deer did not read the book, but usually you can find the basics about sitting still, noise control, wind, etc from one of these books. It will help you see what you should be looking for in the field. With both my kids, they have been spotting deer since they were old enough to see out the car windows, When we would drive the country roads around their grandfathers farm, they were being taught to look for deer. later when older, they were sent to the tree stands at dusk to look armed with a camera. (800 speed film no flash) that taught them to look long and carefully.

It is a skill you can learn fairly fast, We have a "new guy" who has married into my sister in laws family and he never held a gun four years ago. Now he is learning but at least he gets a deer or so a year. But he wanted to learn. spent his time up there in the spring and summer working and learning what has to be done.

There are places where you can pop a tree stand just about anywhere adn you will get a shot. if you know what you are doing, but learning where and when deer move etc, makes it a lot more fun.

PM me if you need some more help.
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