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No sense in borrowing trouble.

Frankly, I don't see such a split case as being a problem at all. I, too, cannot see HOW any gas or brass fragments could possibly come in contact with the shooter, gloves or not, unless the load was such as to blow out the cylinder wall. That would show a LOT more damage to the brass.

I could write more, but Art Eatman and Mike Irwin have said it better than I could.

If you don't feel comfortabe reloading range pickup brass, then don't do so. It's as simple as that - - no one's trying to talk you into it. I'll continue to be grateful for good brass for free. I glance at my cases, as I take them from the shaker/cleaner, and again as I put it in the shell plate. I cull those with splits, battered mouths, or bad discoloration, but I do that with ALL my cases.

Good luck
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