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Have you ever watched an owl sit in a tree? He doesn't move anything but his eyes.

Find a mentor. You'll learn more in a couple of outings with an experienced hunter than years worth of watching the outdoor channel.

Don't open soda cans. If you open one, you'll drink it. To drink it you have to move. Moving is bad. Quick movements are worse, so if you have to move, move very slowly. Strange sounds like soda cans opening, you hood rubbing on the tree, your gun hitting the stand, etc, will cause deer to avoid your location.

Deer are hard to see. Their coloration is excellent camoflage. Usually, I'll hear a deer first, or a flicking ear or other movement will draw my eye. Deer find you the same way. You're just looking for dinner, the deer is looking for his life. Who do you think is paying the most attention?

If you hunt public land it might be hard to get your first one. Heavily pressured deer are educated. 20 years ago you almost never saw a deer looking in trees for hunters. They sure do now. You have to hunt where the deer are. Look for trails, try to figure out where the deer are going and where they are coming from.

Find a mentor who has access to some private land. Learn all you can about deer's habits. Set up a stand between where the deer are bedding and were they are eating, downwind from their trail. Sit very still. Aim carefully, squeeze the trigger.

The first one is always the hardest.

If you're hunting with hunt clubs and their dogs, find a way (bribery always worked for me) to convince the hunt master to put you on a good stand. If they are hunting the same sections, they know where the escape routes are. Dating the club president's sister can backfire on you, btw.

Spend time in the woods other than in season. Scout out your hunting areas pre-season. Get a good climbing stand and practice getting up a tree silently before opening morning. Get a bow and go bow hunting. You might not get one, but I bet you see some. Deer are much more laid back in bow season.

If all else fails, pay a guide. Once you get your first one, it's all over. Knowing that you "can" kill a deer will do wonders for your confidence. You'll set still that extra 10 minutes, you'll creep that much more slowly.

Never quit. You'll see very few deer sitting on your couch watching NFL or NASCAR.

Take up squirrel hunting, it's great practice. There're less people out, they're easier to hunt, the seasons are longer and the lessons you learn will help you in your deer hunting. Squirrel and dumplings is pretty good eating, too.

Never pee in the deer woods. If you have to, do it in an empty soda bottle or ziplock bag. Human urine is a definite turnoff for deer.

Good Luck, and don't give up. We need every hunter we can get.
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