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you've never even seen a dear? where do you live LA? i was walking in my backyard today and had a lost fawn rush out onto the lawn, i stood still and she got within 30ft of me before she froze and looked my way for at least 30 secs before she took off, If anything id say there probably arnt dear where youre hunting, couldnt imagine the patience you have to still go hunting each year after all that, do you see their tracks? if thats the case than maybe you need to sit out longer, or find better spots?

where are you hunting? farm lands, woods, suburbs :P?

oh and id tend to say yeah a coke can would scare the poo outa a dear, depends on how thick the brush is but during hunting season the dear are very acute to any sound, breaking branches or specialy the high pitch crack of a beer er coke can! jp, make sure you dont mix those two sports :P
got me a little lady, the gun buying has come to an end, sigh
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