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Gun Kits Article

Thanks for the great article. I went and looked at the merchants website he recommended.

Some FYI

I do have a question about the co-witnessing of the holo sight and the iron sights. I presently own a Colt H Bar match made back in about 91. Part of my problem with the iron sights is with my present vison. I shoot the holo sight with my regular prescription glasses and I am nearsighted. The Holo sight works great with my prescription glasses. When I use iron sights I shoot with a pair of glasses where the left is my regular lense for distance and the right lense is weaker than my regular prescription, but it still enables me to see the front sight clearly and the rear is less blurry.

I currently have my EOTech holosight mounted on the carry handle on a leupold mount and a cheek piece to raise my head. Its kind of akward still because I have not shot much with it yet.


If I cowitness the sights and EOTech I assume you would be looking through both the rear sight and the front and the holo sight? I notive that when I have my glasses off the holosight red circle is a great big fuzzy wuzzy, so I assume the EOTech holosight is made to function with something close to 20/20 vision? using my iron sights in this manner would mean the rear is very fuzzy and blurry. So I am assuming that with my corrected vision a flattop would be a better option?

Have a nice day at the range

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