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Agree with all of the above posts.
Suggest good single stage as starter to learn slowly.
Like driving a car or flying an airplane(up to the point of a stall !) slower allows you to be ahead of the machine not the other way around.

Once you understand what is going on while reloading and you shoot enough to justify the added expense, head for a progressive.

As for eBay, I may catch grief from their devotees but unless you can be REALLY SURE of what you are getting and factor in the usually outrageous shipping costs, I usually find stuff cheaper locally or just try Midway or MidSouth or Natchez- especially if on sale.
Cannot think of anything that I went looking for on eBay tha I did not find cheaper, faster and with less worry elsewhere.
Really esoteric stuff may be the exception but usually if it is still in production, look around before you commit to eBay.

Just my experiences.
Enjoy the new hobby and read the forum for help and advice if you proceed.
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