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The 375 H&H is the minimum for dangerous game and eland. The outfitter says a 270 is the minimum for everything else. Maybe that is just at this place, the 270 is minimum. The group of people that I'm going with have been several times, but there all primarily bow hunters. I know I would be better off with a 30 cal. I wouldn't mind forking out some money for a new gun like a 338 or 300 weatherby mag, but on the otherhand, if I can stick with what I have, I could use the extra cash for taking some more animals. I think the 7mm weatherby should work just fine. It's always shot really well with most 175 gr bullets, so I think I'm going to see how it works out with the 175 gr swift a frame. The outfitter recommends either swift or barnes bullets. The 7mm rem mag that I have shoots really well with the 140 gr barnes. I don't know if that is going to be too light or not. Barnes recommends going 10 to 20 grains lighter with there bullets than what you normally use since theres bullets are so much longer. I would imagine it should be fine also. I was just curious what what you all think about sticking with what I have or going for a 30 cal. rifle.
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