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"Replacement Guns" Article in August 2006 Issue

by Duane Thomas was a well thought-out and enjoyable read. He suggests identical "shoot one, carry one" models but in my opinion the two firearms need not be the very same model in every instance to incorporate all the advantages he mentions.

For example, when I go to the range I always take a pair of Glocks in the same caliber (possibly a G34 and a G17, a G35 and a G22 or a G21 and a G30) which are similar in every way with the exception of barrel length and magazine capacity. The manual of arms is identical, all the controls are alike, they have the same weight connectors and trigger springs, etc. and the larger capacity mags can be used in both the larger and smaller pistols. That way I've always got a back-up or "Plan B" ready in the event of mechanical difficulty that might otherwise ruin my day. Besides, duplicates just aren't as much fun as having something just a smidgen different in the inventory.

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