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No need to take the barrel off to REALLY clean the chamber. do what we do with 10/22's and my T/C Classic. Go get a 22 CENTERFIRE bore brush, bass bristles for sure an brass core if you can. Use and empty 22 lr case to judge howdeep the chamber is. add just a touch more in length. Now bend the brush about 90* that far back from the tip of the brush. Now you can stick that front part into the chamber tru the ejection port and the back, theaded part can be rocked back and forth (not in and out, but you can do that too) and you will clean the lead ring that builds in front of the chamber. This works great for cleaning the chamber and you can do it right at the range whenever you need to. Just throw it in your range kit.

After scrubbing the chamber this way follow up by running a patch or 4 thru it. Thats it. WAY easier tha taking things apart.

I recently worked on one of these interesting little guns. It is a LITTLE strange in design but I liked it.
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