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I have a 527 .22 Hornet with the Maple stock. I have a new type of scope on it that was just released and is a FINE scope for a very good price. It is Mueller APV with 4.5 - 14X AO 40mm. It is not so large as to dwarf the petite 527. I have had it for two weeks and have had a number of people look thru it or shoot my rifle with it. If it looses anything in clarity/brightness to the Luepolds, Weavers and such nobody could see it so far. The adjustments are accurate. Now for the good news. It will sell for around $160 I think but if you jump on it right now you MAT get it for $90!! That is what they sold the first batch for and they may sell a few more at that price. The first batch was sold out in about 2 days. I REALLY like mine.
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