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I am by nok means an expert but i have had some success so heres some tips from someone who is older and wiser than you and i combined.

-set up in a high spot but not right at the top of a hill just a bit down.
-get the wind at your back (contrary to most types of hunting you want the sound carried in a certain direction so you dont have yotes sneaking up behind you.
-walk in very quietly and sit a few minutes before you start to call
-call for a bit then go quiet then call a bit more
-when you do get a coyote come in watch him he'll be moving his head around and circling to catch a scent when hes not looking raise your rifle
-he'll catch the scent and pause for about half a second shoot then or youll be shooting at his tail
-when you shoot one dont just go to the kill right away call a little more because you may get another that was coming in behind
-when you leave a "stand" wait a few minutes after calling just to make sure there wasnt another coming in
-if you're in a location and its not working move around coyotes are trickier than us

thats about all i can offer you aside from saying good luck and good shootin
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