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I'll sure endorse most of the above.

Unclenick suggests you start with a single stage press, to learn the basics. This is an excellent suggestion. I've been handloading for some 40 years, mostly handgun calibers, but a lot of rifle stuff as well. I'm very happy with my Dillon presses, but I wouldn't be without a good single stage press. He is also utterly correct about having a good loading manual, and preferably two or more. And, please, take time to READ the how-to-do-it sections very carefully. (Had I done this, I would have saved myself a lot of inconvenience and considerable expense, back in the early 1960s. )

HSMITH makes the very good point that, once you wish to acquire a progressive loading setup, there is an abundance of technical expertise available on the Dillon help line.

CrustyFN, you don't tell us what calibers you wish to load, nor what firearms you wish to feed. This COULD make some difference in the long run, but you'd still be well advised to begin with a single stage press to learn the basics.

Please return to this forum often - - Share your learning process with us, and the membership is always glad to share their hard-gained wisdom.

Best of luck
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