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Hopefully, we all have more than just a "kit" at home.

In my truck, I have always had a great supply of stuff; freeze-dried food, water, first aid kit, clothing, knives, poncho, etc. Water and gas cans chained in the back. I could take that sucker and just disappear for two weeks no problem.

But the truck is no longer my everday vehicle, my 350Z is. Space is unquestionably at a premuim, but I still insist on a "bail kit" of some type. But I do find I am not stocking it with the same things as the truck. If anything happened when I was at work (downtown Phoenix), the first priority would be to fight my way home first. Then, if necessary, take the truck and leave town. Consequently, the Z has more urban-oriented amenities (for example, lock-pick kit) and less wilderness-oriented (like fishing pole).

I would head straight out of town if I absolutely had to, and let's face it, probably be more prepared than 90% of everbody else. I could also use the kit if the streets were somehow blocked and fight my way home on foot (about 8 miles). Just an example of "tailoring" for specific needss.
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