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Rich Lucibella
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I will add one VERY essential group to the Mid or Large size Kit:
Dedicated pencil and inventory list....nothing is worse than REALLY needing it this time, only to find that you'd pillaged it last time. We're always raiding those kits for convenience: Blister Pads; BandAids; Lights; ParaCord. I check off the items taken; replace later and reprint the list (yes, it's on my computer).

Unless you're Ron Hood or Jeff Randall and have REALLY lived the life, hunter-gatherers in most parts of the country will expend more calories hunting and gathering than they will reap from the process. Unless you've really lived it, it's a short path to Auto-Cannibalism.

OTOH, fishing line and some hooks takes up about a finger's volume of space; they can be used for snares, for gigging and for actual fishing. If you travel often (I do), there is no reason to have to pack it for a geo-specific trip. Not arguing it should be in everyone's mini-kit. But it should be in your Mid-Size or Bugout.
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