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i guess i got the right Nic-Name Killseeker ;..; Grrr

i just love pesty varmit hunting. i just wish i could travel around and do some showing off. helping people, by showing them how it can be done quit and easy.
i have done so much of it, in all the places i have lived.
seems like, every place i moved to, had a major problem, left by the past people, living there, and around the areas. i have been knocking them big or little pesty veemans out of the ball park, for some time now. but doing it with out making Green Piece, get their pantys in a bunch, is fun too. i have taken out wild ally-cats off my short-shed roof, using an RWS model 54 pellet rifle, with a .177 Cal. 10.5gr pellet, with a planed shot, to make him fall just where i wanted him to fall, and neighbors having a back yard B-Q, just 20 yards away, never had a clue, what i just did. that would have been all i needed, was a big old ally-cat flopping around up there where they could see it.. ;..; Grrr.
and RATs man we have had a ball with them. we use to have them as big as them big City kind. they were called Field rats back there. the ones that came up to get in things, went Extinct after a few weeks of fun. having so much fun doing that, we went to the local feed store to get a bag of horse & mule feed, and put it out to call in more of them big old rats, fun was on again LoL . after a few more weeks of all that fun, all the fields in range of sight, was Extinct of them fun veemans.
so you just keep putting it out and pay it no attention for a while to let them breed back up and get use to coming in for the free meal, not too long of a wait, your little back yard shooting galley, is back open again.

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