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Pointy Stick?

The pointy stick ain't a bad idea. It would be better than a pellet gun.

Have you ever been to a circus? What did the lion tamer use? The one time I went to the circus he used a chair and a whip. A chair = 4 pointy sticks.
The Whip = Noise. The big cats don't like either. Actually no animals like whips.

In my youth I hunted lions and bob cats with hounds. The best way to kill a treed Mt Lion was to shoot it one time in the lungs with a 22LR. This caused the cat a little discomfort, but he wouldn't jump out of the tree. In a couple of minutes he would bleed out internally and fall to the ground stone dead. This was very desirable as a wounded lion on the ground put the dogs at extreme risk. Larger calibers brought the lion out of the tree, but with still life to maim a few dogs. All I used to carry hunting cats was a Ruger Single Six 22 LR. A few bob cats that decided not to tree but fight the pack, I just waded into the foray and killed the cat by hitting it over the head with my six gun. Didn't dare shoot for fear of hitting a dog. I never had a lion do that. They would tree.

Oh, another thing, if you are ever faced by a cat, make lots of noise, imitate a barking dog. A mt lion would tree with a small noisy dog, however if the dog quit baying and kept following the cat the lion would lay for it and kill it.

Personally, I am in favor of killing any cat that wanders into a subdivision.
They are there looking for prey like cats and dogs and then children. Get rid of them ASAP! A lion that has no fear of man is very dangerous.

My $.02
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