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Confessions of a holster maker.......HBE


Hey guys.....I know Ive been getting slammed on the boards lately about beind behind etc...............

I hope this clears up everything.................

This letter is going on my website very soon.........Im sorry for any Bull**** Ive put you all through! Im human and frankly, right now that part of it sucks!

Thanks, Shoot well and god bless.........

"This is to let you all know where Im at currently and frankly this is probably one of the hardest things Ive done.
I am behind by a fair amount. I have some holsters that are as far out as 7-8 months due to circumstances in my shop, mold rework, materials that are just not that easy to get anymore etc. That happens in the world of holster making from time to time.

But thats isnt the reason for most of the tardiness. I dont want to sound like Im making excuses for anything because I feel like thats a cop out and dont want to come across that way! Frankly, Im not like that, most of you who know me know that to be fact! Anyway, on that note.... here goes.

Things have happened in my life lately that have frankly, blindsided me. My beautiful, sweet wife and kids are now no longer in my life, at least not as they were. I recently got divorced, like many of you have and it has taken its tole on me in a way I didnt and couldnt expect. Its screwed up my production times and the communication with my customers. I cannot apologize for this all have my personal and professional "IM SO SORRY!" For what its worth, its from the heart!

It pains me greatly to come on the internet and say....."Ive been screwed up because of this, but Im getting better!" I dont air my dirty laundry....but when I took on this job, which I love more than anything Ive ever done, I became a "more public" figure than I had been in the past. Now, where I got my business started and kept it going, on the internet, is where I must state the facts of my situation.

Please, please dont take this as Im making excuses for my being late with your leather and being slow to answer email....that is simply not the case. I am simply letting you know what is going on in my life and business and asking for you patience, faith and most importantly your on going support. I want to keep making holsters for a living and giving you guys some of the best leather I can make!

I am still making holsters/leather to the best of my ability! Im averaging 12-15 a week and will get my back log caught up within 2-3 months. At that time, I should be back to my quoted production time......

If you have leather that is behind....please contact me...Id love to talk with you.
Emails are getting caught up slowly so if you want a quick answer, please call me.

Thank you for your patience, support and understanding and God Bless you all.

Eric Larsen/HBE"
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