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Coyotes eatin corn.

Several years ago I had a friend contact me to help out a farmer that was having a coyote problem. His story was that the coyotes were eating his corn in the field but were destroying more than they were eating. It seems they were taking a few bites out of each ear then moving on to the next etc.
I had never heard of this although I had know that they eat other fruit/vegetables as opportunity arose. I finally got over to the farm to do some scouting before the hunt. It appeared that he had a coon problem. Several days later when I set up on a stand to call early one morning, I witnessed a coyote pulling an ear of corn down & began to munch on it. It was unfortunately for him his last meal. After we took several coyotes off the farm, the farmer reported that the destuction of his corn ceased. Had I not seen it, I would not believed it. Yes they do love persimmons, wild strawberries, and blackberries as I have seen them partake over the years. Coyotes are like humans in that they are diners of opportunity - meat or vegatable or fruit. Good shooting gentlemen!
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