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I used to try to set my kit up like the magazines, then I came to the same conclusion as Jeepmark.

My job requires that I have a flashlight and leatherman with me, I smoke so I always have a lighter, a carry a gun in my glove box since I often times can't comfortably have one on me, and there's a pack of breakfast bars in my truck because I usually have to skip lunch.
That's pretty much my daily survival kit, plus I carry the typical break down kit for my cars.
Each car has the same minimal kit minus the breakfast bars.

Home is where the true survival kit is kept
Food Water Guns and such

I also have a shelter kit
Set up with everything I would need to take to an evac shelter plus a tent so I don't have to go to an evac shelter.

If for some reason I can't stay home I'm going, with the rest of the family, to mom's rural property or to the woods.

Any real SHTF, truth be told, I'm too outta shape and untrained to survive much anyway. If I get too tacitcal I would just be supplying the scavengers
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