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Maybe I took the article in the wrong way and assumed that it was saying that all people should have a mini-kit
It did and you should. As Jeepmark points out, what is in it depends on your crcumstances. For instance, I always have a Zippo, cell phone, a folding knife, a Leatherman and at least one flashlight on my person. That's my "urban" mini-kit. In my car is a midi and a full size, geared toward bugging out or, as is more often the case, bugging in. When I'm hunting, my mini is different and will consist of primitive fire starting and fishing/hunting gear also.

As we've pointed out in these features before, the best we can do is give you some ideas to get you thinking; the heavy lifting is really yours, based on understanding your circumstance. Having lived thru a couple of hurricanes (where we have hours or days to prepare), I can tell you the one thing that is definititely predictable: neither the timing nor the effects will be predictable! For instance, if you live in a cold climate, it'll surely happen in dead of winter and all heat will be lost...firestarting gear and techniques will be essential. If you live in the tropics a simple mosquito net may keep you from going insane.

You cannot count on being able to drive in an urban setting: gridlock and lockdowns may be in progress; besides, your car is qaranteed to be at 1/8 tank. You cannot count on potable water...that can disappear in an instant, either thru attack or natural disaster. One possible "mini-kit" in such senario is a simple lock-pick set, and the ability to use it. Not talking about raiding and looting here; just being realistic. Fire starting is always an essential as is being able to "kill" bad water (think resublimated iodine crystals...idea borrowed from Ron Hood). Cash in pocket is also not a bad idea, especially in smal denominations. ($500 in various sized bills would certainly have gotten you out of New Orleans....with water....if you were dumb enough to stay.)

Like Jeff's article, these are not "rules" or even "tips"; they're mental signposts to give you a direction for your thinking.
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