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You should have a kit that fits your circumstances. I have a hurricane kit. It includes 3 cases of fresh MRE’s, Water, LED flashlights with spare batteries, chemical lights that get replaced yearly, A first rate sealed first aid kit with instructions for use, A knife, a four man inflatable raft and a hand pump capable of inflating it. Spare gas cans, two way radio’s with spare batteries, AM/FM radio with spare batteries, etc. I also have a safe that contains my guns and plenty of spare ammo and batteries for my optics. My kit is contained in a water proof chest that I can transport quickly. Grab it and go. It will fit in the back of my jeep. My kit does not prepare me to go live on a mountain somewhere but would sustain me if I had to stay there for a few days. My kit is designed to allow me to supplement my home food stores or provide for me if I need to leave in a hurry.

Your kit should fit your needs and cover a wide range of situations. What will you need? Food, Water, Shelter, medical aid, means of transport to a safe area under adverse conditions. Your kit should be practical and flexible. What will be the next emergency you will face? Do you know? I don’t but they do happen. An example is the threat of a storm. Everyone runs to the store and buys everything out creating a shortage. If there is a storm then re-supply to the stores will be slow. Plan on a kit that can sustain your family for a week. That in addition to the food you have on hand at home should be enough to sustain you until help arrives or until you can get to a safe area.

A good test is to imagine that all of a sudden the power is off and will not come back on for an undefined period of time. What will you need? The food in the fridge will go bad quickly. TV does not work any more. How will you get info? Are you in a cold climate? A hot one? Consider your circumstances, Make a list of needs and go shopping. There is a website called survival instinct that has a lot of good recourses of high quality supplies.

My two cents
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