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A good single cock .22 cal air rifle can muster about 27 ft/lbs of E
There is one single cock, gas piston gun I know of that can match that figure. It's the Beeman Crow Magnum/Theoben Eliminator and it runs about $1000.

There are several rifles that advertise numbers in that neighborhood, but they rarely live up to it when there's a chronograph about.

The top end metal spring guns in .22 caliber are more likely to have energy numbers around the low twenties ft/lb range.
Jeez, it's legal to hunt elk with just 500 ft lbs? That must be like trying to hunt elk with a .45acp pistol.
More like hunting one with a traditional black-powder rifle. There can be legality issues--for example it's not legal to hunt ANY game animals (including squirrels and game birds) in Texas with an airgun--regardless of the power level.
Did you know that there is a TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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