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Do you ever travel to the "outback"? Do you own a mini-kit?
I don't travel much to the outback and if and when I do is when I prepare myself with such emergency mini-kits.
Maybe I took the article in the wrong way and assumed that it was saying that all people should have a mini-kit rather than those who just travel the outback, but most average Americans don't spend their daily lives in the outback and where they are that far away from population and where where they need that mini-kit on them everyday.
A person who is going to go out in the outback such as for hiking, camping, etc then and should be better prepared and have a survival kit in his backpack and such.
A person spending most of his time in the city or suburbs doesn't need to worry about carry a mini-kit on his person is my main point. When John Doe's BMW breaks down on the freeway, it doesn't require him to have that mini-fishing kit and harpoon knife. Now if Mr. Doe plans to go out to the mountains 100 miles way from the nearest town or road in his Jeep, then maybe he should have that mini-kit with him.
I do have emergency supplies in my vehicle such as tools, first aid kit and water(water being the most important) traveling around in the hot Arizona climate which is good for wherever I am traveling.
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