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Personal Survival Kits. One flaw with this

After reading the article 'PERSONAL SURVIVAL KITS' in the July issue, I had to somewhat disagree and that a survival kit may not be for everyone.
While items such as a cellphone, knife or multitool, mini flashlight and a small/concealable firearm if you are able to carry would be something many guys would have on them everyday, I don't see where unless you are someone who spends most of his time in the wilderness and are very far away from populated areas that you would find yourself needing items such as a fishing line to capture food or a fighter starter other than a regular Bic lighter.
If you live in and spend your daily life in population, then what scenerio is going to happen where all of sudden, you are now that far away from it and now in some mountains or something trying to hunt for food while waiting to be found.
In my daily life, I am always near populated areas and always near my vehicle and so I can always have access to more items for survival or at least have a bigger and better survival kit in my vehicle.
The only possible way I and most others who live in populated areas and travel in our POVs would be all of a sudden put in such a situation that we no longer have access to the comforts of population or the reach of our vehicle is if some TEOTWAWKI scenerio happens and then we would have more problems to worry about than our little handy dandy survival kit; the other scenerio is if we were travelling such as by plane and it crashed someplace far away from population and if you were lucky enough to survive then a personal survival kit may come in handy. The only problem with this is that you will never get past TSA in the airport with your survival kit.
So unless I am planning to travel that far and away from population and my vehicle, I can't see where carrying a such a mini survival kit on my person everyday would benefit me and if I do plan to spend some time out in the boonies on foot, then I'll bring one.
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