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July 06 Issue

Some very, very good articles here.

I can agree with and rant and rave all day and all night on what the article 'The Divine Right of Bureaucrats' has to say on how we pamper and protect and allow these bureacrats live such a more comfortable and secure life than our own is a subject which I wish wasn't limited to a magazine and made more public. The public may be suprised that our former politicians weren't pampered like lifetime celebrities as they are today.

The article on different methods of safely checking your handgun's chamber and why you should not ass-u-me it's loaded is a definate must read for all who carry.

'Bring a Gun, Dummy!' This article hit me personally as I sometimes find myself on both sides of the issue while at times I think to myself, "Why do I put so much effort in strapping on a weapon just to go to the same grocery store where the majority of citizens go everyday unarmed and in peace with their surroundings.?" But other times, when I don't bother wearing a weapon just for that reason of "I'll be okay without it" and then I start to think, "Now I am unarmed and with my luck, I probably need it and not have it."
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