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you brought up something i forgot about

getting rid of the dirty deed..

just digging a reguar hole, will become a hassel.
i was having so many dirty deeds to get rid of, i had to come up with something new.
----BING---- brain storm
i got a post hole digger.
and dig out a nice post hole, about 2 or 2.5 feet deep.
with the post hole diger, you can now bell out the bottom, you can make it quit large, but not too large, you don't want it caving in.
now just keep the dirt close by. and every time a dirty deed goes in the little hole, you drop in some dirt.
keep a board over the hole, and a flower pot on it, and no one knows.

the hole can hold a lot of dirt deeds...
before posting holing out another one
and they take up a lot less room, than digging one with a shovel...
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