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i just have to get in on this

i have been there too, and still kind of there now.
we use to manage appartments, and cats and rats were a really big problem.
i had a RWS model 48 .177 cal. back then in the start. it was nice. and a lot quieter than these people are saying. a fried had the .22 cal Model48. i got to see them side by side a lot. i eat his lunch in more hits and kills. the heavy .22 cal pellet just arked too much, you just have to watch the air temp. if it gets cold the pellet will brake the sound barrier, that makes it sound like a .22cal. rifle
so you can buy heaver pellets in .177 cal, that slow it down just enough to not let any body know what your doing.
i soon went to the RWS Model 54, that puppy is the sweet one..
and both can drop them dead easy at a lot more than the 25 yards they talk here.
and the open sights are fine sights as they are.
i still use it out here when the poseums and Coons get by something i can't use a reg. rifle for. the 54 has no problem taking them out.
the barn with tin sides is 80 yards out the kitchen window. and i can't even use a .22 to shoot them there. i have to use the Model 54 and open sights 80 yards not a problem.
so in your back yard it will do every thing you need and as long as it is not too cold no one will hear or know.
i have a nice pellet gun collection and high power rifle too.
bird problem in the tin barn, had to buy one just for that, the Model 54 will go through the tin like butter. had to find one that was just under speed to not hurt the tin, but knock the crap out of the birds.
so i guess i am still into what you need.
they are pricey but well worth it i think.
you might get buy with the Model 48 with no problem, the 54 is re-coilless.
it eats up scopes but is still fine with open sights.
you can kill a pigon on a power line at a 100 yards open sights with a .177 RWS Model 48 or 54 with no problem at all. we joke about the pellet hitting the big bird making more noise than the spring air gun makes.
and do not use any daisy or light pelets in it, you get speed but not killing power, and it shortens the spring life. Crossman Premeir 10.5 gr pellet is the only way to go .177 cal.
i have been using them for about 15 years. i also re-spring & rebuild them. you have to do that from time to time. a dry fire shot, will make you do it sooner.
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