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But fellas, couple things about the super colibris:

1. In the guns I've tried them in, they are not nearly as accurate as my air rifles - and accuracy is essential when you're talking about a head shot on Pepe La Pieu. You want to knock out the control center immediately so they don't spray.

2. EVEN IF it is technically *just as* illegal to shoot an airgun in the city limits in your locale as it is to shoot a rimfire firearm, as a practical matter, I believe it can make a great deal of difference as to whether you are cited, arrested, and/or prosecuted if you are shooting "just a bb gun, officer, what's the big deal?". But a .22 firearm, colibri or otherwise, in most jurisdictions, is gonna be looked on quite a bit more unfavorably by law enforcement, even if on the same technical legal ground.

3. They are excellent bird killers out to about 15 yards. But for 20, 25, 30 yards, or more, a .177 pellet gun is going to have a much better point blank range - we're talking 700-1000 fps instead of 500 for the super colibris, AND a better ballistic coefficient.

So there is definitely a place for a good, suppressed airgun in some circumstances. Another good thing about that is no class 3 paperwork is needed to get a suppressed airgun. I'd get one of those Air Force if I had the cash for it AND all the damned accessories required - hoses, clamps, connectors, tanks, the whole bit.

Crazy Larry is right - CB cap ammo (short & long), such as from CCI is NOT quiet. Sure it's a tad quieter than full power ammo, but still much much louder than a colibri or pellet gun. I have on order right now some RWS/Diana true BB cap ("flobert") ammo, and I'll post to let y'all know if they're more accurate than the colibris - I sure hope so!
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