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City varmits - need an air rifle

OK folks, I need your help. I have plenty of all the kinds of long and hand guns to take care of the problem but can't use any of them. I'm in a large suburban city in Illinois. The entire area has varmit problems due to the tremendous growth forcing the critters into older residential neighborhoods like mine. At 1st I would use my live trap and caught possums - no problem. But now, for almost 2 years I've be trying to keep skunks out of my yard. It is completely fenced but they can be under it in a matter of minutes. And then it's about 10 feet to the back of my shed and under they go. This year I had a family under my shed for a total of 7 and have trapped 5 so far. Of the two remaining, one of the babies got my lab the other night (again! ) Unless I patrol a long fence line everyday, most of which has perrenials growing in front of it, I'm fighting a losing battle. I have wasted countless hours getting and baiting and cleaning traps from the animal control people and sometimes you can't even get a trap due to the demand. If I use my own trap they won't come and pick it up. Would someone/anyone who has encountered this kind of problem please recommend an air rifle with appropriate scope (or pistol) that is quiet and will get the job done? I know they are varmits but I want the first shot to take it out humanely if possible. And then there is the occasionaly opposum or raccoon that finds its way in as well ...Help...and Thanks
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