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Not me.

Somehow, in over 50 years of messing with many different kinds of firearms, I've never had possession of a Winchester 190. Nor, I guess, have any of my shooting buddies ever had theilrs at the range while I was present. Truly, I can't recall ever shooting or even holding one in my hands. Doesn't speak well for the breadth of experience of a firearms enthusiast, does it?

Judging by all the participants in this and a similar thread, there must have been a time, though, when the Win 190 was the then-current equivalent of the Ruger 10/22 or Marlin Model 60.

This, then, is the other side of the service that Harley Nolden provides - - Not only the esoterica of the firearms world, but valuable references on the more everyday American rimfires.

Harley, we all owe you a vote of thanks for all that you do.

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