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Mal H

Yes I was banned for I dared to contest the vast knowledge of a moderator. I advised that how can he pretend to know more about the tactics and training of my own Dept that I an officer in. In now was I rude of insulting. In fact I gave a compliment as to him having great knowledge btu begged to differ stating that just because he had no knowledge of this training did not make in not true. In any event I led the thread off with you can ban me, suspend, if you would like for my disagreeing. I also indicated that this seems to be a common theme when diagreeing with admin/moderators that they give the last world indicating they are right and then they close the thread. I guess it was not well received. I have had many educational experiences during the short time I was there. I hope that this site can continue that without the juvenile behavior of the other site.

Thank you for your replies.
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