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You can get nearly the same results as the above poster noted, between a .22 air rifle and .22CB... but you can also eschew the .22CB for a .22 short, or a .22 long, or subsonic LR, standard LR, hi-velocity loads... there's an entire world of versatility available, from ~20 grain powderless stuff moving at 500fps to the heavy 60 grain SSS loads at 900 or so to the 37gr HV stuff at... can't say off the top of my head, but fast for rimfire.

I gotta say .22 rimfire trumps the airguns. The argument then goes to what *style* .22 rimfire is best, and i gotta say you can make a break-action pretty darned small and light, and tacking a .410 barrel to the bottom is even more natural :-D
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