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What an amusing thread. I've been buying off EBay for a while now...everything from golf clubs to hard to find car and motorcylce parts without any problems. It seems like the trend of E-selling has lead to a flood of crappy chinese lookalikes. Do a search for TaylorMade R7, and all you see is brand x with TaylorMade grips...same with BenchMade or any other nice brand.
Anyways, a friend of mine on another forum found this link where someone got ripped on an eBay laptop sale. Apparently he bought a laptop and it didn't turn out to be nearly what was advertised. The seller then gave him the shaft. What does he do? Well, fix it up only to find lots and lots of personal info on the hard drive, and turn around it post it all over your website! Check it out. Very funny. Not firearm related, but very relative to this thread.
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