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Just about every animal in North American has been killed with a .22 in the past. I don't think an air rifle can make the same claim.
My thoughts exactly. I rather have a .22lr rifle against a pack coyotes or wild dogs instead of an .22 springer air rifle. Against a big bear...both are useless, but at least with a .22lr you can hope it dies of a slow death from infection days after it eat you. I was waiting for a hunter on this forum that my friend was right...I'm glad I check.

A little combo 22/410 or 22/20 might be the ticket!
a springfield M-6 scout is a single shot .410 and .22lr combo that folds down to just a little bigger than the ar-7. I'm sort of getting into foldable or collapseable longguns (I already have a Kel-tec Sub2K), so that is on the list.
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