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(Disclaimer: this isnt intended as a flame, sir)

The Spotlight????

I quit reading that paper back when they showed "UN vehicles on their way to storage inside the US"...they were Canadian APCs on a flatbed railcar...inside Canada.

I also used to listen to Tom Valentine (the editor) on shortwave. He made the comment once that Gordon Kahl was a "hero". While I feel that Kahl was mistreated by the Feds, he was far from a hero. Valentine didnt want to admit that Kahl was a member of the Posse Comitatus , a tax protest group made up of many White supremesists and "Christian Identity" members. I had to call in to the program and force him to admit all of it, which he did, but only grudgingly. I doubt he likes me anymore, but oh well...

If people admire Kahl, thats their business, I just want everyone to know the whole story before anyone makes up their mind.

Valentine is intersted in making a buck. If some facts get told, too, well thats great. But he isnt real interested in accuracy, which is unfortunate. I think he is in a postition to do a lot of good for Patriots, but hes wasting the opportunity by not doing his homework on the stories he reports.

It doesnt help our credibility, as concerned citizens, either.

I have, however, found The Resister, and The New American to be pretty good sources.

Just my .02 cents (in Confederate money)
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