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More sabot research using the 12ga 50 cal sabot that was in Barnes 3/4 oz load.The front section of a 50 bmg bore rider
bullet, it is 2nd in picture in the sabot fits sabot. It
is 470 grains, really streamlined.And
you can buy them by the ton, and just cut off the back
portion that is .510 diameter, and that leaves front part for a .500 dia bullet, a good spitzer,
1.5 inches long..Good for armor plated chucks??
First in picture is original
sabot with Barnes 3/4 oz hollowpoint slug...3rd is the 900gr 600NE slug in my sabot made
from heavy shotcup. Shot it at 2300 fps. 4th on the miniature digital scale is an older Barnes
.580 cal saboted slug expanded, it's 435gr. Ed.

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