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True confessions of a concealed carry fanatic.

I carry at least one handgun everywhere I can legally take one, including church. I believe homeland security is job one for every American. Here's what I carry:

1.) S&W Sigma 9VE 9MM semi-auto (17 rounds +1 in the pipe, and extra 10-round clips)
2.) Taurus 65B .357 Magnum (6-shooter) -- 39 ounces of raw power
3.) Rossi 351 .38 Special, 2" barrel (5-shot) --24 ounces, all steel, no alloys
4.) Raven P25 .25ACP semi-auto (6+1 in the pipe); I call her my "GET OFF ME" gun.

I know I'll get burned for admitting I carry a Raven on occasion, usually as a BUG. But you wouldn't believe the consistency and the accuracy at 10 yards! I even dropped my Raven into the toilet once, clip and all! (Some of you probably think I should have flushed her down!) I wiped it dry with toilet paper, dried off the ammo and the clip, and took it to the range to test-fire it. She never missed a beat! Not my first choice by a long shot, but it beats the custom 1911 that my friend left back in the safe on a hot day because we were wearing shorts and T-shirts. At least I could throw my Raven at a bad guy if necessary.
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