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Thread Killers

ok this is getting to be really lame, this is the third or fourth thread ruined by stupid off topic comments in Legal and Political in the past day or two. this thread had potential to be an awsome thread but because someone made a random comment off topic, the thread will be closed and everyone will suffer. sure another thread could be opened up but it will lose credibility becasue of everyone who commented in the first wont bother to in the second.

why cant these "inflamitory posts" be deleted, a pm sent by a mod and the thread resumed? instead the dumb comments are left on for all to see thus giving the original inflamer the audience he wanted and leaving potentially great topic is dead.

here are just 3 examples, keep in mind i dont blame the mods, i know they are busy. but cant post be deleted and posters warned instead of shutting down a whole thread with good discussion?
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