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You can measure twist rate easily. Just take a cleaning patch with a little oil on it. Put it on the cleaning jag and start it into the barrel. Put a mark on the cleaning rod with a Sharpie right where it is entering the gun and put another mark on it up near the handle. Now push the rod in with a gentle touch on the handle so the rifling is able to turn it freely via the patch. When the mark on the handle has gone around once, put a third mark on the rod where it enters the gun, just the same as you did with the first mark. Now pull out the rod and measure the distance between the first and third marks. That will be the number of inches in one turn, the standard measure of twist rate. .222 Remington has a very slow 1 turn in 14 inches listed as standard. This is intended for light bullets. Most target shooting guns for the .223 use 1 in 7" to 9" rate to enable them to handle the 69 to 90 grain bullets available for longer range shooting.

You need to consult a Steyr collectors group to see what the gun's value might be? The Blue Book of Gun Values may have it? I don't have my copy at hand right now, but someone else here may be able to look it up for you if you don't own a copy?
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