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common occurance

This appears to be a caliber specific problem. A good many folks have had the same problems with the 17 HMR's, not so sure about the lower pressure 17HM2 though. Most haven't been bad enough to have the manufacturer replace or rechamber any barrels since no one reloads rimfires, but if it gets to be a problem, then yes, send it back and have them check it out. Make sure to send back several of the empty cases so they can see exactly what the chamber is doing to the case.

I would simply advise you to make sure to clean the chamber well and then make sure the extractor has a good hook on it and that it is positive in it's engagement angle to the case. I haven't heard of any curealls so far with this round, but most of the semiautos have had the problems and not the bolt actions, although some have had troubles with it as well. If it smooths out, all the better, but most that I have seen will ruin the cases now and then but have not seen a catastrophic failure so far with them myself. Good luck with it.
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