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I did a search on Southside Gun and it turned up exactly what you said earlier,the FFL bureau was also involved in it.
I also remember those commercials,your right on that one too,it was from The Rifleman.I do remember he was a little arrogant when you when in his store.I do alot of business with St.Nicholas,Jimmy's Pawn and Gun on Lane Ave.,Shooters,the pawn shop in Middleburg,and now a friend of mine just got his FFL about 1 mo. ago,he owns a pawn shop just north of Knight Boxx Rd. on Blanding Blvd. in Orange Park,he does't have much right now because he hasn't had his FFL long,but he can still order anything you want.It shouldn't be long though before he has a pretty good selection on long guns and hand guns.
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