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June 2006 Issue...Clair Wolfe

Ms. Wolfe can I write you in for the Presidential Election in 2008? I think you drive home the point that money has given law enforcment new toys and technology to play with. In my opinion this often leads folks away from the basics. You mentioned that clearance rates are dropping. We saw the same thing happen in other trials where the prosecution had the high tech evidence and decided to use a few nails on the coffin versus a bunch of them and paid the price. Once again you have shown that throwing money at a problem doesnt solve it. In sports programs many good coaches stress the basics. Federal money is like green makes junkies of our educational systems, local law enforcement and local governemnts. All you have to do is what we say to get your fix. I find it highly ironical that the recently released federal paper on the avain flu says that the problems must be fixed at the local level....while some branches of the federal government insist that only they have the right solution.
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