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Originally Posted by invssgt
Horse manure. Crime is an ethics issue. There are a good many of us who grew up in the lower income brackets- and did not choose a life of crime. Sell that song & dance somewhere else.

No offense, but you're an idiot. I certainly hope you don't have a degree from any university with that kind of logic.
Scrap your G.E.D and go get a real education.
"No offense"- no problem, Pal. I challenged your statement, and you turned it into a personal attack. Nothing I could call you would be better than what you have shown yourself to be.

Logic hurts, don't it? So does the truth, particularly when it entails choices/consequences. Neither of these get much traction in liberal academia, but that's OK with me.

By the way, I wasn't trying to bring you around to my way of thinking.

1. Based on your logic, since I'm white, and I don't have a felonly, that would mean that no other white people have felonies. It's the same thing. You said that you grew up poor, and you didn't choose a life of crime, so that means nobody else did either
I certainly hope you don't have a degree from any university with that kind of spelling, either.

2. It's proven statistically, again-proven statistically, that people who are in the lowest income bracket commit more crimes. Is this really that hard to understand people?
Lies, damn lies, and statistics. So how does your theory account for white collar crime? How about high-rolling sports stars and music celebrities that engage in criminal activity, or kill each other off in droves? It can't, because each of those people, regardless of their upbringing, race or financial status, made a conscious chopice to engage in activity that they knew was wrong- and also happened to be illegal. Ethics, or the lack thereof, decides the issue.
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